27 07, 2011



Mike told me some great stories about how as a kid he used to hitch rides to surf on the old Del Monte Express train.

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23 06, 2010



Here is another shot from my series on Monterey County surfers. Barney in his workshop in Sand City, Calif. on May 27, 2010. He shapes boards, and builds art from metal, wood and other things.

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18 01, 2010

Old Friend New Board


I shot this as Brian held one of brother's boards outside the steel shack where he turns the mounds of foam and fiberglass into wave riding vehicles.

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17 12, 2009

New Dawn Amongst the Rubble


As I finally make a move to update my website I have begun scouring my dusty collection of DVDs and other files that have accumulated on my hard drive. I'm looking for images that might make it to my new site. In this process I have started to uncover a few gems that had have [...]

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29 10, 2009

New Project


Here is a portrait I shot today of surfer and concrete worker Ken Donahue. The image is a kick off on a project that I have been meaning to start for way too long! More images to come soon.

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3 06, 2009

From the Attic


I came across this photo of my friends Geoff Welch and his son Nate in front of a broken board shrine in their front yard in Pacific Grove, California.  It took me some time to find it and I figure I'd better post it before I loose it again.

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