2 01, 2018

Ringing in the New Year


I recently covered two events straddling the arrival the New Year for the Monterey Herald. The first was the First Night Monterey New Year Eve celebration. Carly O'Neal, 8, and her brother Caden, 5, don shades after completing party hats during the First Night New Year Eve celebrations at Colton Hall in Monterey on Sunday December [...]

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20 06, 2011

Buoy 59


The Monterey-based band swaggered through a set, swapping between punk and reggae in a jarring paradox reminiscent of the Bad Brains.

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25 04, 2011

Coming Full Circle


And it was then, with a symphony of seagulls, barking seals and the wharf creaking from the cars rolling overhead, that she started to dance.

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12 09, 2010

Newspaper Work


There really is nothing quite like being a newspaper photographer with the wild variety of photographic situations you get thrown into!

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11 06, 2010

Upcoming Photo Show


Photos of mine will be part of an upcoming show which opens in Sand City, California Saturday June 19th. Please come by and take a look if you are in the area. The last show opening in this space was a raging party!

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3 06, 2010

fading light


The day's fading light envelopes Heriberto Matias and classmates as they line up before Alisal High School Graduation

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30 05, 2010



I shot a few portraits for a Quinceñera party in the Custom House Plaza area over the weekend. The Custom House is California's oldest government building, constructed in 1827 for the collection of duties (taxes) on all imported goods via ship into California during Mexican rule. The buildings in the area provide a feel of [...]

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