20 06, 2011

Buoy 59


The Monterey-based band swaggered through a set, swapping between punk and reggae in a jarring paradox reminiscent of the Bad Brains.

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26 10, 2010

Alex and David


A skateboard was leaning against a wall of the garage as we returned from signing the wedding license. Alex jumped on and David proceeded to push her along.

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11 06, 2010

Upcoming Photo Show


Photos of mine will be part of an upcoming show which opens in Sand City, California Saturday June 19th. Please come by and take a look if you are in the area. The last show opening in this space was a raging party!

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2 04, 2009

Public Comment


I am starting to see that by writing here I'm inevitably going to be doing more learning than anyone who may happen upon this and manage to get all the way through it. I guess thats the beauty of these things? Anyways heres a photo I shot on assignment today that brought the idea into [...]

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6 03, 2009

Entering the Blogosphere


Here goes! Out of shear boredom or the naive belief that I may have something to add, I'm throwing this up for the masses.  Don't expect too much. If you walk out of here with any new tidbit of information I have achieved more than I expected. If you emerge with a smile I have [...]

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